As the best science school in Jaipur, Universe Public School stands out for offering outstanding education in the field of science. Science has always been the most sought-after stream and the most lucrative to study, but it is not a stream that you can just study or read without any interest. The main subjects that are taught in science school are chemistry, physics, mathematics, and C++. As a result, students in the mathematics groups who are interested in a career in the science stream have a variety of options after finishing high school, including becoming engineers, scientists, management professionals, teachers, architecture and government workers, etc.

Top Science Schools In Jaipur

In India, Universe Public School is the Top RBSE and CBSE Science Schools in Jaipur Rajasthan for the children who passed the 10th grade frequently choose the science path. This stream is an option for students who plan to enroll in professional applied and pure scientific courses in the future. Compared with all other main streams like commerce and arts, the science stream is a bit challenging. Academically talented students won’t have much difficulty in facing the subjects present in this stream. 

Science-related career alternatives after tenth grade

A wonderful combination of scientific ideas and practical concepts is provided by the science stream, which will help you to develop your analytical problem-solving abilities. Science school advancement of technology, many unique fields have sprung from science such as bioinformatics, mechatronics nanotechnology, and many more. Along with this, students are also interest in traditional fields like forensic science, engineering, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. The science stream includes chemistry, biology, and physics (Botany and Zoology)

  • Biotechnology.
  • Agriculture and allied streams.
  • Medical and allied sciences. 

Why should a student take science after 10th!!!

Why should I choose science after 10th grade? This is a popular question for all students who are undecide about their choice of academic major. Here are a few suggestions to help you discover an answer to this query- 

  1. Science stream is an easy gateway toward research and development.
  2. You may be able to attend prestigious universities like IIT, NIT, DTU, VIT, IIT, etc by choosing the science path. 
  3. Sometimes, students also getting familiar with these subjects like chemistry, physics, and mathematics will furnish them with greater knowledge and proficiency of natural phenomena happening in nature. 
  4. The field tends to develop a practical approach within the students.
  5. Numerous new management diplomas and professional course options are made possible by combining math with topics like physics, chemistry, and biology.

Career path 

It is one of the most preferred professional paths chosen by people. Universe Public School offers a top career option after the tenth grade and a wide range of applications, which creates a variety of domains in which one can pursue a career. Students interested in creativity and innovation can opt for engineering courses that again have vast descriptions and specifications. Students who take interest in the human body and treating diseases can pursue medical courses, which have always been in demand. 

The benefit of pursuing science is that students would be able to gain tremendous knowledge about specific subjects which they can later utilize in their careers to have a bright future. 


It gives students a flexible foundation that makes it possible for them to acquire a well-paying career. It is essential for innovation, societal growth, and increased global competition. Whether it’s locating and exploring new galaxies or developing new treatments for cancer and other diseases, research must be develop globally.