The NCC provides exposure to the credits in an extensive range of activities, with a distinct emphasis on discipline, social services, and adventure training. Then, the city is voluntarily accessible to all enrolled people. The universe public school has a well-developed playground behind the main building. Also, the school organizes sports events from time to time under the supervision of sports specialists. Sports teams of the school have described it in several sporting events held at the state and regional levels. The sports committee was organized at the start of the session. If you are looking for the best Rajasthan scout and guide training in Jaipur, a sports school and also the best NCC school in Jaipur then once go through universe public school. 


In my blog, I have to tell you about the National Cadet Corps, work goes under hardworking and eligible officers. Best scout school in Jaipur. The school opened after summer vacations and the NCC of independent India was inaugurated on 15 July 1948. The journey of this Indian new generations organization, which has now become the biggest uniformed youth organization in the world has begun. The NCC is open to all regular students of the school voluntarily also the students of NCC have no liability for active military service. 

Objectives of NCC 

● To create a suitable environment that will encourage young people to join the armed forces. 

● To develop commandership, discipline, leadership, character, secular outlook, the spirit of adventure, and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country. 

● To create a human resource of trained, organized, and motivated youth who can lead in all spheres of life and are constantly ready for the needs of the country. 


Every year the school organizes at least 1 training 

NCC camp. Also provides different training camps like annual training camps, combined annual training camps, thal sena camps, army attachment camps, Vayu Sainik camps, and national integration camps arranged by group headquarters all over India. 

1. Social activities: NCC cadets training also do social activities such as tree plantation, blood donation, duties during elections, ganpati utsav, and traffic control. 

2. Adventure activities: NCC cadets do adventure activities like river crossing, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, and camel safari too. 

3. B and C certificate: after completion of two years and at least one camp can appear for the ‘B’ certificate examination and after completion of 3 years and at least two camps can appear for the ‘C’ certificate examination. 

Benefits of NCC 

● NCC schools teach their cadets to be proud of themselves while also strengthening their sense of national identity.  

● Along with receiving military training, cadets also learn other important lessons including the value of honesty, discipline, and a variety of techniques for boosting confidence and developing leadership skills. 

● In numerous government positions, particularly in the state and the central police and in parliamentary forces too, NCC cadets are given preferences.