Our History

  • Universe public school takes pride in being a pioneer in primary education here in Jaipur. Our beginnings like many others’ was a humble one. In 1995 our founder director Mrs Ritika Rathore had a vision to provide quality education for students living around Jaipur and make a real impact in Girl child education. Having seen and observed closely the shortcomings of a society where females weren’t educated, Mrs Ritika Rathore knew that the future had to focus on imparting real life skills to them and providing them with the confidence of literacy.
  • The journey wasn’t all that easy. The institution had to face the challenge of not having a state of the art infrastructure initially but the sheer determination of the Universe team made it possible for the institution to thrive and expand beyond the confines of a single branch and cater to students of multiple locations.
  • Today the school caters to 2000+ students and has the reputation of being one of the oldest and richest institutions in the city.
Universe Public School
Universe Public School
Universe Public School