National Friendship Day occurs every year on the first Sunday of August, this time on August 4, 2024. It’s a day to celebrate the significance of true, non-romantic relationships. Friendships are the purest type of human relationships. We have honored the power of friendship for over a century, and because of social media, we can do so with friends wherever they may be in the world. National Friendship Day 2024 is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating the cherished bonds that form the foundation of our lives. We celebrate this day in honor of the friends who remain constant and provide us with joy, love, and support.

This day encourages us to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and appreciate the unique role that friends play in our personal growth and happiness. (CBSE and RBSE) Universe Public School is getting ready for National Friendship Day by hosting several fun events and activities that will promote student togetherness and friendliness. The celebration will include a special assembly where students will share stories and poems about friendship, highlighting the value of kindness and mutual support.

The school playground will come alive with games and activities that aim to strengthen the bonds between students and foster a sense of friendship. The National Friendship Day event at Universe Public School seeks to foster a welcoming and happy atmosphere while educating students about the value of friendship in their lives and motivating them to treasure and cultivate these priceless relationships.

The Theme of National Friendship Day 2024

The Theme for National Friendship Day 2024 is Celebrating Bonds Across Borders.

History of National Friendship Day 

Humans are the most social beings on the planet, Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs emphasizes the necessity of interpersonal relationships. Our behavior is driven by our social demands, which also push us to form deeper connections with people and form interpersonal relationships. It makes sense that we would dedicate a whole holiday to honoring friendship, given our intense need for interpersonal relationships with individuals besides our partners.

National Friendship Day was originally a marketing strategy for Hallmark Cards in the 1930s. Founder Joyce Hall decided the day would fall on August 4 and that it would be a day to honor and cherish those who are closest to you, along with sending them a card or two. It soon became a bigger deal than originally planned when the 1935 U.S. The first Sunday in August was declared National Friendship Day by Congress. As the holiday’s popularity grew, Winnie the Pooh was designated as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship by the UN in 1998. In 2011, during their 65th session, the U.N. designated August 4 International Friendship Day.

Nowadays, the first Sunday in August is National Friendship Day. Technology has made it simpler to stay in touch with friends, share with them, and express gratitude for them. On August 4, honor the partner you choose and spend with your chosen family, and your friends who support you during your most difficult times and give you encouragement when you succeed.

Significance of National Friendship Day 

  • National Friendship Day serves as a global reminder of the importance of friendship in our lives. It’s a day to cherish our friendships, be grateful for their love and support, and acknowledge the relationships we have with them.
  • Our lives are greatly enhanced by friendships, which offer companionship, emotional support, joy, and shared experiences. They offer a sense of acceptance, belonging, and understanding, making them invaluable to our well-being.
  • Additionally, this day encourages harmony and peace between all cultures and borders. It motivates us to create connections, extend kindness, and cultivate deep relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

National Friendship Day Timeline

  • 1920s (The First Idea Ever): The idea of Friendship Day was first promoted by the Greeting Cards National Association, but it was not well received by consumers.
  • 1930 (National Friendship Day is Established): Hallmark Cards creates and promotes the holiday as part of a marketing plan to boost greeting card sales.
  • 1935 (National Friendship Day as a Holiday): The first Sunday in August is declared National Friendship Day by the US Congress, emphasizing the importance of friendship in our lives.
  • 1958 (Going Global): August 4th is suggested as World Friendship Day by the World Friendship Crusade in an effort to promote friendship as a means of fostering peace.

How To Celebrate Friendship Day 2024 

  • Express Gratitude

Start the day by being thankful for your friends and spreading love.

  • Share Memories on Social Media

Utilize social media to post recollections and unique moments to recall the events that bonded you and those you cherish.

  • Spend Quality Time

Spend time with friends as you celebrate. It could be taking a video call, cooking together, or going out.

5 Interesting Facts About National Friendship Day

  • Holy Friendship

The Bible portrays friendship as the bond that supports people’s faith, trust, friendship, and cooperation.

  • Friendship Anthems

There are several songs to honor our friends, such as “True Friend” by Hannah Montana and “With a Little Help from My Friends” by The Beatles.

  • Asia Adopted it Too

The idea of honoring friendships was adopted by many countries in Asia in the 1950s, including China, Malaysia, and India.

  • Breaking the Barriers

The primary goals of National Friendship Day are to strengthen communities and lessen barriers between individuals of all ages, ethnicities, nations, and faiths.

  • The Color of Friendship

Yellow is a perfect hue to symbolize friendliness. The best way to illustrate what a strong friendship may mean to us is with the color that is the happiest and brightest.

National Friendship Day Traditions 

This holiday has a variety of traditions. Everybody has different traditions, therefore no two best friends—or even more—have the same ones. Best friends enjoy and share their own blunders, such as unforgettable excursions, enjoyable get-togethers, and even inside jokes. These traditions are relived on National Best Friends Day. There are casual, everyday rituals like spending time with others at home while watching movies, or traveling to the mall or your favorite cafe. There are other fancier ways to celebrate this day, like getting dressed up and going out to paint the town red or treating yourself to a beautiful dinner with your closest friends. On this day, people also exchange gifts, such as scrapbooks or “Best Friends” lockets, to strengthen their friendship and serve as a constant reminder of the unique link they have, no matter how much time has gone.


What is National Friendship Day?

National Friendship Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating the bonds of friendships. It’s a chance to acknowledge and value the significance of friends in our lives.

When is National Friendship Day 2024?

National Friendship Day 2024 is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, which falls on August 4, 2024.

How can I celebrate National Friendship Day 2024?

There are lots of ways to celebrate, such as hanging out with friends, planning get-togethers, giving them thoughtful gifts or notes, and sharing special experiences. You can also participate in community events or activities that promote friendship and unity.

Why is National Friendship Day important?

On National Friendship Day, people are encouraged to cherish and grow their friendships as a way of highlighting the importance of friendship in our lives. It’s a reminder of the positive impact friends have on our well-being and happiness.

What are some gift ideas for National Friendship Day?

A thoughtful present is always appreciated, and some ideas are personalized goods, friendship bracelets, picture albums, and handwritten notes. You can also consider experiences like a special outing or a fun activity you can enjoy together.