Universe public school aims to provide a solid foundation for students by not only providing them with the necessary knowledge but also wisdom by instilling in them values, empathy, and a way of seeing and comprehending the world. School for sports Universe public school is a prestigious institution that provides quality education to our country’s rising stars, with a strong emphasis on the overall development of each child. 

Best School For Sports In Jaipur

Best school for sports in Jaipur- sports and games play a vital role in one’s life. Universe public school has taken special care in planning their building and layout so that a significant amount of land is set aside for play, including indoor sports, outdoor sports, and activities. The school has five fields as well as a court for tennis, basketball, volleyball, archery, boxing, and cricket and squash nets. NMS’s cricket grounds are of international standard. 

“It is not an exaggeration to say that play is as fundamental to a child’s overall development as proper cleanliness, nutrition, and rest.”

The main objectives are-

  1. To raise awareness about the importance of organic vigor and efficiency through physical fitness. 
  2. To gain knowledge and understanding of the necessities of healthy living, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation.
  3. To gain knowledge and understanding of skills that will be useful in leisure time activities and recreational activities.
  4. To foster an understanding of the aesthetic and cultural aspects of the movement. 
  5. To provide opportunities for the development of esprit de corps, courtesy, sportsmanship, social skills, democratic behavior, and ideals. 
  6. To raise awareness about the importance of developing good posture and physical poise. 

 Sports At Universe Public School

“ What You Can Learn On The Ground Cannot Be Learned In A Classroom”

We place a strong emphasis on sports and physical development at universe public, which is considered the best school for sports in Jaipur. Our sports curriculum is planned and designed to help students develop and improve skills such as speed, strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, control, and balance, among others. Sports have evolved into a form of entertainment that also provides promising career opportunities. 

We believe in exposing our students to a variety of sports events at the inter-school, state, national, and international levels. Every student is encouraged to participate in at least one school sport. 

Football: Every child’s dream is to be the next Lionel Messi. Football is the most popular sport, and every child should have the opportunity to participate in it. We have dedicated football fields as well as tutoring.

Basketball: Basketball improves a child’s mind, tolerance, and coordination, and most importantly, instills a sense of rigor. Basketball, like any other sport, requires a significant amount of practice and dedication. 

Volleyball: Volleyball is a sport that requires coordination and teamwork. Children learn to work as part of a team, accept responsibility, and trust their teammates. 

Athletic: Athletics includes activities such as races, marathons, and long jumps, which encourage our students to try harder and prepare better each time they compete. These activities stretch their abilities and enhance their muscle tone, and stamina, and have several physical benefits.  


Sports has become one of the best career options in the country, with numerous job opportunities. Furthermore, sports provide numerous employment opportunities for young talent in India. Being talented in one’s chosen sport is essential for becoming an athlete. Persistence is required in addition to skill.