Career Counselling

  • All individual discussions are organized in detail with parents and students, along with the director and senior faculty members. Based on the student’s aptitude, capability, preferences, and streams are suggested and finalized.
  • We at Universe believe that to get the best achievable results for our students. We need to move past the traditional ways of teaching and start giving students practical help. A prepared procedure on topics of utmost significance will go a long way in a student’s life guiding success.
  • Choosing the right stream and college is a vital decision for any student. We, Universe Public Schools, play an essential part in helping parents and students to the right decision based on their academic and aptitude abilities.
  • The foremost objective of the career counselling program is to help and assist the students and their parents in making choices that lead to a brilliant and industrious path.
  • Our director Mrs. Ritika Rathore holds one on one counselling sessions and even group motivation sessions for the senior students regularly.