National Girl Child Day 2024: Can you imagine a world without girls? It is simply not possible. A girl is a priceless soul who brings life to the earth. National Girl Child Day is celebrated annually on January 24 to highlight the importance of empowering girls and addressing the challenges they face in society. It’s a day to support girls rights and opportunities while honoring their power, resiliency, and potential. The Government of India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development declared the day. Equal opportunities in terms of education, healthcare, nutrition, and other areas are rights that every child, male or female, enjoys. Through National Girl Child Day, the government wants to support and allow equal opportunities for girls in India.

In 2024, Universe Public School joyfully observed National Girl Child Day, with a sense of equality and empowerment resonating through the corridors. The celebration was colorful and inspiring, highlighting the significant contributions that girls have made to our society. The school planned several events to promote awareness, comprehension, and appreciation of the value of the girl child. Throughout the celebration, successful women gave motivational speeches on their own experiences, inspiring the next generation of leaders and dreamers to aim high and achieve success. Read More