World Children Day 2023: Each year on November 20th, World Children’s Day promotes the welfare of children around the world. The day also honors international unity and raises awareness of issues affect children. Human rights don’t just apply to adults, they apply to children as well. Children deserve the right to life, education, health, and even the right to play. Children’s right also include the freedom from discrimination, the right to a family life, and protection from violence. The children also has the right to have their opinions taken into consideration.

World Children’s Day is a day of action focusing on improving the lives of children around the world. From social media campaigns to debates between leaders and figureheads, UNICEF describes the day as a “day of action for children, by children.” One way to participate in World Children’s Day events is to advocate for reforms and offer assistance to charities that assist children and address issues related to child safety. Universe Public School celebrates World Children’s Day with great enthusiasm and commitment. The school creates a lively, welcoming environment on this important day where kids feel empowered and not merely celebrated. The celebration starts with a large assembly where students showcase their artistic abilities with speeches, dances, and songs. On this day, Universe Public School makes sure that every child’s voice is heard and valued, creating a supportive environment where their goals and dreams are nurtured.

Unfortunately, children around the world face many challenging issues. Globally, 385 million children are living in poverty, according to children incorporated. The richest nations in the world have a poverty rate of one in four children. An approximate of 8,500 kids perish from starvation every day. Besides poverty, other significant challenges children around the world face include:

  • Life as refugees.
  • Violence through indoctrination.
  • Neglect.
  • Lack of education.
  • Child labor.
  • Internet child pornography.
  • Human trafficking and child prostitution.

When is World Children’s Day Celebrated?

In 1954, World Children’s Day was decided to be celebrated on the 20th of November each year. Additionally, this is the anniversary of the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the convention and declaration on children’s rights. While the majority of nations observe children’s day on November 20, several have chosen alternative dates.

The Theme of World Children’s Day

The theme for World Children’s Day is, Inclusion, for every child”. Every child, regardless of their nationality, community, or society, is entitled to the same rights under this theme. It also places a strong emphasis on the elimination of prejudice towards children from different cultures. In addition to the fundamental rights, children of different skin tones are welcomed and given space in a global society.

History of World Children’s Day

A Universal Children’s Day was suggested for all nations to observe on December 14, 1954 by the United Nations General Assembly. World Children’s Day was thereafter observed on this day. On November 20th, 1959, the United Nations adopted the declaration of the rights of the child. The convention on the rights of the child was held by the United Nations on November 20, 1989. During the convention, the specific rights of children were proclaimed. UNICEF World Children’s Day celebrates the youngest minds of the world by encouraging fraternity and brotherhood and highlighting the importance of the well-being of children.

Significance of World Children’s Day

One of the main initiatives of UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) to increase public awareness of child welfare worldwide is World Children’s Day.

  • Children are the Future: Today’s kids are tomorrow’s world leaders, inventors, healthcare providers, and more. The purpose of World Children’s Day is to raise awareness of the need to educate and care for today’s children in order to ensure a safe and positive future for all.
  • Focuses on the Rights of Children: The widespread assumption is that adults are granted rights. Nonetheless, the United Nations prioritizes the rights of children by signing agreements and conventions that ensure, among other things, that children receive health care, education, and protection from discrimination and abusive behavior.
  • Spotlight on Problems Faced by Children: Children in lower economic areas face a variety of financial and health issues, lack access to education and healthcare, and other issues that may or may not become apparent as they grow older. On World Children’s Day, individuals are urged to acknowledge these problems and work with the UN to eradicate them.

How to Celebrate World Children’s Day

Every year on November 20, the world observes World Children’s Day, an event aimed at bringing attention to the challenges that children face and advocating for their rights. People of all ages can derive great pleasure and significance from celebrating World Children’s Day.

  • Raise Awareness: Raising awareness is one of the most significant methods to observe World Children’s Day. Use pertinent hashtags, participate in conversations, and post information about the day on social media to raise awareness of children’s rights. Tell your loved ones why this day is important so they can be motivated to take action.
  • Support Children’s Organizations: Many charities and organizations work tirelessly to improve the lives of children worldwide. A children’s organization in your neighborhood or online may need donations or volunteers. Through your assistance, children in need can receive vital resources, healthcare, and education.
  • Advocate for Children’s Right: Children deserve a nurturing and safe environment where they can thrive and grow. Participate in campaigns and petitions that address issues such as child labor, child trafficking, and access to high-quality education to support the rights of children. You have the power to influence policy changes and improve children’s futures.
  • Organize Events and Activities: Host activities or events in your local community to celebrate World Children’s Day. You can organize storytelling sessions, art workshops, or sports events where children can participate and enjoy their day. Promote diversity and cultivate a fun and creative environment.
  • Educational Programs: Organize seminars or educational events to raise awareness of the value of education for kids. Ask child rights advocates, child psychologists, or educators in the region to talk about issues related to children’s growth, wellbeing, and safety.
  • Interact with Children: Spend quality time with the children in your life, whether they are your own, friends, or family members. Listen to their dreams, thoughts, and concerns. Engaging in activities and conversations with children can create lasting memories and strengthen your connection with them.
  • Be a Positive Role Model: Children pick up knowledge from the elders in their lives. Set a good example for children by treating them and other people with kindness, respect, and understanding. Nurture youngsters to be self-assured, responsible, and compassionate adults.

World Children’s Day Activities in School

  • During school assemblies, teach students about the significance and history of World Children’s Day.
  • Light up the school and landmark buildings in blue.
  • Wear a blue dress on the memorable day of 20th Nov.
  • On your wrist, tie a blue ribbon.
  • Wear a blue cap on this day.
  • On social media, switch to a blue profile picture.
  • Present children’s tableau shows.
  • Teach kids about their legal rights.

The Department of Children at the United Nations UNICEF organizes conferences and initiatives for children’s welfare throughout the globe.

Facts of World Children’s Day

  • World Children’s Day is a joyful occasion that carries a weighty message about safeguarding and promoting children’s rights.
  • Charles Leonard established Children’s Day in the United Kingdom in 1857 under the name “Rose Day.”
  • United Nations established Children’s Day in 1954.
  • United Nations offers a theme every year for children’s day.
  • Every nation has chosen its own date to celebrate Children’s Day.


When is World Children’s Day celebrated?

World Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November.

Why is World Children’s Day celebrated?

The goal of World Children’s Day is to support, uphold, and celebrate children’s rights via acts and conversations that will improve the world for kids.

Who started World Children’s Day?

The General Assembly suggested that all nations establish a Universal Children’s Day, to be marked as a day of global fraternity and understanding between children, via resolution 836(IX) of December 14, 1954.

What’s the significance of World Children’s Day 2023?

A significant occasion for Children’s right, World Children’s Day marks the adoption o the United Nations Conference on the rights of the child.

How can I get concerned about the World Children’s day celebration?

Participating in community events, supporting organizations that advocate for children’s rights, and educating others and yourself about children’s rights are all ways to show your concern.

What is the theme matter for World Children’s Day 2023?

“Inclusion, for every child” is the theme for World Children’s Day.

How am I able to promote children’s rights in my community?

Engaging in intellectual activities with children, supporting local businesses, and pushing for child-protective policies are all ways to support children’s rights in your town.

Why is schooling a crucial aspect of children’s rights?

Training is a fundamental right stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and is essential to children’s rights because it enables them to become informed, accountable, and involved global citizens.